Entering a new life era

Published by Sheila Babnis on behalf of Jean Hartmann

Just a week before attending the Your Life by Design Retreat in Delray Beach, Florida, I hit a peak―and it wasn’t a performance peak―it was the peak of my breaking point.


In 2017, I took on caregiving to mom who has memory loss, and depression without the knowledge of it. While I was healing from back-to-back surgery on my left eye and left thumb; mom had lost 20% of her body weight and given-in to aging. For four intense months, I was fighting to keep myself going, and at the same time, fighting to sustain her body in order to revive her spirits.

It’s now two weeks since the Retreat, and the connection with the mother-daughter in every woman remains strong and is an ever-present source of strength for me. I am not alone in this journey. Whatever I will be confronting, I now have a community of caring and wise women around me to comfort and guide me ever so gently.

Join ‘us’ in the circles of soulful sharing, reflective discovery, and emotive transformation―with each shedding of suppressed tears, come the letting go of conditioned fears―and emergent life’s wonders. We are complete as we are. I am again the butterfly flitting amidst the a field of love.

THANK you to our nurturing guides: Cindy and Sheila!!!