Designers of Life

I wanted to share the note Mary Corrigan had sent to the YLBD participants.  It is the supreme example of someone who has courage, passion and commit to continue to design and evolve the life today.

To the Sisterhood of Life Designers -

I hope that this finds you well and enjoying some summer delights. It’s been a bleak June here on the coast which has encouraged me to spend more time exploring the sunny parts of the Bay Area. I have high hopes for July.

I am writing today to share some changes in my life.

I have never believed more deeply in the importance of this work as my own life continues to change and grow. With my father now in hospice, family has become a higher priority and time a very precious resource. From my past experience of moving through change and transformation, I’ve learned I must follow my heart — even when (perhaps especially when) the outcome has not yet been revealed. My heart is calling me to create space and solitude for the emergence of what’s next.

I will not be teaching future Your Life By Design programs with Sheila and Cindy. This is important work and necessary work that I fully support. It’s just not mine to teach at this time. The beauty is Sheila and Cindy are both gifted, highly capable and brilliant guides with loads of passion to continue the work.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to create this program together with Sheila and Cindy, while learning more about true collaboration. They have been wise, generous and open partners. I’ve learned to ask for and allow help in ways I had never imagined which has been a great gift to me. I’m deeply grateful to them both for all they have brought to this work and to me.

I LOVE the work we’ve done in our programs helping women to design lives of meaning and create that reality in the world. You all continue to inspire me with your courage, creativity and compassion in staking a claim for yourselves to live the lives you envision.

I’m proud of what we’ve created together. I’m proud of each of you. I will be cheering you on from the front row.

With love, honor and respect for who you are and all you contribute to the world. With bountiful blessingsand big love - Mary