We thrive on working with men and women to create lives that work for them.  We have each experienced multiple transitions in our lives – in work, relationships, health, creativity, and well-being.  We are still growing and evolving – learning and informing.  Each of us brings unique life experience and special talents for inviting growth, imagining new possibilities, and gently guiding you on a path of self-discovery into lives with more joy, fulfillment, and meaning.

Sheila Babnis – sbabnis@gmail.com 

Sheila is a pioneer and a connector.  She sees potential and possibilities; and helps others (and herself) to realize them. Sheila is passionate about men and women, finding our place in the world, health, education and creating “real” value via our contributions in the world.  For more information check her out on LinkedIn and www.sheilababnis.com.

Cindy Miller – cindymillerassociates@gmail.com 

Cindy is a facilitator, coach, and consultant with leadership experience in healthcare and financial services.  She has a passion for encouraging people to lead the lives they desire with more joy and fulfillment.  Her original research on Meaningful Work Over the Life Course has inspired many to find more meaning in their work and in their lives. Find her on https://www.cindymillerassociates.com