People are waking up to a new way of living and asking new questions:

  • How can I live and work with more intention?
  • What brings me joy?
  • Am I showing up with my best self every day?
  • What do I want?
  • What matters most to me?
  • Am I living fully? 

We hear you and have created a powerful programs just for you.   Explore the essential elements you need to realize your meaningful life.  Invest in yourself.                                    

Your Life By Design is for you if you:  

  • Yearn to contribute your unique gifts, talents and creativity
  • Wonder how to make a thoughtful and strategic transition to achieve a more fulfilling balance of life and work
  • Want to feel empowered to make better choices

Explore your possibilities with a Your Life By Design coach.  Sign up for a complimentary coaching session to experience how we work with you:

Join us for a Your Life By Design Women’s Retreat.  Experience the power of a community of evolving women discovering what matters most and setting a course to make it real.  Express more of your true nature.  Explore new possibilities not imagined before. Discover the ideal environment where you will thrive.  Register now:

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Many people in transition find it very helpful to have the support of a skilled and caring coach.

We offer a personalized approach to coaching to help you design and realize your more meaningful work and life.

The coaching process usually occurs over 3-6 months with one-hour sessions twice a month.  The length of coaching and number of sessions is customized to meet your needs.  Select the coach to best fit your style and needs.  We will create the right customized approach to help you achieve your goals.  Pricing available upon request.  All options include unlimited access to your coach by phone and email as needed.

We have each experienced multiple transitions in our lives – in work, relationships, health, creativity, and well-being.  We are still growing, learning, evolving – in the midst of our own transitions.  Each of us brings unique life experience and special talents for inviting growth, imagining new possibilities, and gently guiding you on a path of self-discovery into lives with more joy, fulfillment and meaning.

Contact Sheila or Cindy directly to explore coaching or write us at


our community approach is unique

Design alongside women of diverse backgrounds, ages and stages of life; experiencing the enriched growth and expansion that comes as we encourage and learn from one other.

Because it is important to us to ensure that this retreat is accessible to all, we offer a range of pricing options.  Register at 

Explore the essential elements you need to realize your meaningful life.


know yourself & what you want

Leverage your strengths, purpose, meaningful work and life experiences to design the life you want.  Articulate a vision for your life and design a plan to achieve it.  

  • Identify your unique strengths and understand how they work together to generate your core talents and abilities
  • Uncover sources of meaning in your past work and how you can create more fulfillment for the future
  • Discover and articulate your life’s purpose

Articulate a vision for your life and design a plan to achieve it.

  • Take stock of the current levels of wellbeing in all aspects of your life
  • Envision the life you desire
  • Create a plan to realize the life you want
  • Harness the power of intention to accomplish your dreams

Develop your personal blueprint of success as you start with the heart, stay true to yourself and explore possibilities.  Learn how to stay the course, approach change with confidence, and prepare for surprises.

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We offer customized programs and facilitated learning solutions for your company.  We have found that managers and employees are seeking more meaning and fulfillment at work.  We want to partner with you to determine the right solution for your needs and help you achieve the outcomes you desire that include a fully engaged and productive workforce.

Here is a sample of some of the programs we can bring to your organization.

A Development Day for All Employees

Know Yourself.  Own Your Story – Development for the 21st Century

We can deliver a program that is designed to give employees the knowledge and confidence to take personal responsibility and own their own professional development and career path.  In this workshop, participants:

·      Understand the new landscape of work and how to navigate it in the future

·      Understand your strengths and how they work together to generate your core talents and abilities, integrating them into your career plans short to mid-term

·      Discover and articulate your life purpose and use it to guide your personal career journey

·      Create a personal action plan to choose relevant development that strengthens personal competitiveness anywhere you work

A Mini-Series of Development Workshops

We will design and facilitate a short series of 2 hour workshops held on site for employees.  Topics can include:  

·   Know Your Strengths – Employees would take the Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment as pre-work.  The workshop would focus on owning your strengths, understanding the powerful integration of all five of your tops strengths, and applying your strengths at work.

·   Know Your Purpose – Employees participate in an engaging card sort exercise to determine their purpose.  They refine and practice articulating their purpose statement.  They explore how they can live their purpose at work.

·   Make Your Development Plan Meaningful – This can be synchronized with the timing of your development plan cycle.  We would discuss how to create a truly impactful development plan and how to talk with your manager about what you want to do.

·   Envision Your Future – This fun, visual exercise engages employees in creating a vision board that represents their idea of their future life.  This adds to general wellbeing as well as helping to generate idea for developing a career path.

This series builds on the belief that the more individuals know about themselves, the more ready they are to apply themselves at work.  This is important in a company that is continuously growing and evolving as you will need to tap into emerging skills and competencies as your business evolves.  Each of these sessions can be followed with an hour session with managers on how to follow-up on the outcomes of the workshop to enable employees to apply what they have learned on-the-job.

Community Development Circles

We can facilitate discussion “circles” to build relationships within the company and do this in a way that will promote the transfer of this practice internally.  Circles can be used to develop an environment of peer-to-peer coaching or to foster mentoring within the company.  Creating continuous free-flowing dialogue fosters engagement and innovation at work.


We also are available to facilitate leadership team meetings, managers’ meetings and all hands meetings.  

We welcome the chance to discuss, advance and shape these and other ideas with you and would love the opportunity to do some meaningful work together.  Please contact us at